Monday, February 18, 2008

George Washington was a bad mutha...

This has nothing to do with college football. But on this fine President's Day, I thought we'd honor our very first President with a special video history lesson. It is entirely accurate, if perhaps a bit NSFW. Make that definitely NSFW.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We now return to this blog already in progress

"I've abandoned my blog!"

The Writers' Strike is over! I can finally return to writing this blog!

OK, that's a load of crap. I haven't been striking. I haven't had "more important" things to do. I haven't even been busy doing anything in particular. I just...stopped.

Looking back, I think I was just bummed out. No question about it, last football season was a drag. Started out great...ended in a whimper. It sucked. It was painful. I really didn't feel like dwelling on it. And the next two months weren't really much better.

Here's the short, short version:
• No bowl.

• Basketball sucks again.

• Nix out.

• VanGorder in.

• LSU proves SEC dominance...again.

• Odom (soon-to-be) out.

• Basketball maybe not-so-bad.

• VanGorder out.

• Johnson in.

• Basketball settles in at "mediocre."

• Spurrier signs his second-best class...still not enough for some folks

But this is a new year. A fresh start. We just signed a new class. We're going to get a new basketball coach. Our one true national powerhouse team is about to begin its season. There Will Be Blood made me believe that new classics can still be made. Lost is back and better than ever.

So look for more regular updates from here on out. Some basketball here. A movie review there. Always some room for a YouTube. Maybe a little election stuff. Baseball updates. But always back to football. This is first-and-foremost a Gamecock football blog. And Gamecock football, if you stop your abusive ways, I promise never to leave you again.